An Engineered Floor consists of a solid hardwood top layer affixed to an extremely strong plywood-type base. This combination of materials means an Engineered Floor delivers the unmistakable texture and feel of solid wood but also benefits from structural attributes normally associated with laminates – namely a high degree of resistance to fluctuating moisture levels or temperature changes.

Designed by European architects, our Engineered Floor have been refined with brushing, light hand scraping, deep smoking, and staining techniques to create the iconic ambiances of centuries past in your modern Sydney home. Captivating details are embedded in each and every board, achieved through exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Emphasizing grains and knots, brushing and hand scraping to produce unique surfaces can allow you to feel the rustic characters of hardwood oak on your fingertips. These quality hardwood oak floors will highlight the character of any room in your Sydney home and express your feelings through a modern look with a conservative charm. They are an environmentally friendly natural resource that comes with a 25 year warranty.

Our Euro Oak collection will give your home a look of contemporary quality with options and features such as:

·         A wide range of unique pre-finished products with additional origin (raw & polished finish).

·         King size boards of 2200 x 220 x 20 (mm), with a 6mm top layer, which can be sanded back 3 to 4 times after laying down.

·         Traditional tongue and groove connection with 2 sides micro-bevel joints

·         Nail down application on wood beams, plywood or existing timber sub-floor.

·         Glue down application on concrete slabs

·         Floating system is available after sub-floor preparation

·         4%-12% matt anti-slippery finish, suitable for any commercial flooring on entire oak flooring range

Our Engineered floating floor range is a great choice for any new home or renovation. It is made up of multi layers of different timber. Board’s size will vary depending on themanufactural but the average thickness is around 15mm with The top surface layer is premium quality hardwood about 3-4mm thick, giving a great look without the same price tag.

Engineered floating floor comes with up to seven scratch and stain resistant coatings to protect against general wear and tear and even stains. Constructed to give the surface optimum strength and dimensional stability.